Term & Condition

Users of Tutorem.com.au agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Since all our classes are conducted over internet, the quality and fidelity of the audio and video is dependent upon the underlying internet bandwidthavailable at the teachers end and students end.

2. Any potential lag or disruption due to the subscribers network is not Tutorem’s responsibility.

3. Tutorem's service is based upon the fact that the subscribers of the service understand that the condition of the device (on which class will be taken) , browser availability , minimum speed requirement, audio drivers and speakers etc. should be inline with the recommended standard.

4. Any indecent behaviour, speaking to the tutors in aggressive tone or soliciting them for services which are beyond the interest of Tutorem are strictly prohibited. Please note that each session is recorded for quality monitoring and training purpose.

5. All card payments will incur a transaction cost which at present is 2% of transaction value for Australia issues cards and 3% for foreign cards. (Please let us know in advance if you want to use a foreign issued card). These rates are subject to change without prior notice.

6. All our discounted prices are for the entire package. For some reason if you want a refund, then the class price will revert to the original list price as marked in your invoice and no discount/rebate will be applicable. Refund policy explained in detail under refund policy section.

7. AT present Tutorem allows parents to reschedule classes with the following conditions:

  • Only 5 classes can be rescheduled in a package of 30 classes (2 classes for 15 class package).
  • Parents need to reschedule the classes from www.tutorem.com.au portal (option available under parent profile.)
  • All reschedules are to be done 6 hours in advance.
  • No message/email to individual staff members will be considered a valid form of communication for requesting a reschedule.
  • No reschedules are allowed within the preceding 6 hours of class time.

8. Bulk schedule changes are not permitted within a term once subscribed.

9. if a class cannot be completed due to some technical reasons, then parents and teachers can discuss and agree on a new slot. If the lost time is less than 15 mins then the lost time will be covered in subsequent classes withoutrescheduling the impacted class.

10. We encourage parents and students to join all classes on-time. If the student is not joining within 5 mins of he class start time then a system generated email and/or sms will be sent to the parent. The teacher will wait for 15 mins and if the student does not join within that time, the teacher will logoff and that class will be considered as consumed and paid out to the teacher. Adjustment of such classes are purely at teacher’s discretion and needs to be finalised within 2 weeks from the original class date. Tutorem will not be liable for any such classes.

11. Wherever feasible Reference documents will be provided by the teachers for critical topics. In other scenarios the student can download the contents from the whiteboard and use those as reference

12. Parents and teachers will under no circumstances share contact details such as email, phone number, whatsapp id etc. All communications between teachers and parents should occur using the message option in www.tutorem.com.au

13. All study materials available in www.tutorem.com.au including reference documents and questions are owned by the Tutorem management and should not be reproduced or redistributed in any form physical or digital without prior permission in writing from Tutorem management.

14. A full and clear payment is required before starting any classes.

15. Tutorem will issue invoices at least one week in advance in case of renewals and the same will be due for payment on receipt. If a payment was not made by the due date then Tutorem reserves the right to reassign the slot and teachers to other students without any prior notice.

16. Refund policy :

  • Refund will not be processed for Incomplete classes.
  • Transaction processing fee cannot be refunded under any circumstances.
  • A refund processing fee for AUD 2 for each remaining class or AUD 10 whichever is higher will be charged.
  • Refund will be processed for future classes only. Date is the Date of the email with completed and signed copy of the refund request document received by us. (Refund request form is available under parent profile → Reference)
  • Our discounted price is based on the package you have subscribed to. In case you are asking for a refund without completing 60% of your allotted classes, we will compute the cost for completed classes without considering the discounts. (e.g if you have subscribed to a 30 class package @AUD 20 per class and received a 20% discount on top of that, and want a refund after 10 classes then the cost of those 10 classes will be AUD 200 as the discount is no longer applicable)
  • Upon processing the refund, parent and child access will be blocked to the portal.
  • Refunds will be processed within 5 business days.

17. Any communication over phone or in the form of messages will not be considered as valid form of communication for dispute resolution.

18. Based on exceptional circumstances, Tutorem management may accommodate additional rescheduling requests on a case to case basis but that is at the sole discretion of the management.

19. As a subscriber to the Tutorem service, the terms and conditions are applicable to any usage related directly or indirectly related to Tutorem.com.au and are governed by but not limited to the terms and conditions defined here.