The next level of education by TUTOREM...

Tutorem celebrates the idea of uniqueness.
Each child is unique in his/her own way.

Place , Price , Pace

The 3 P mantra of Tutorem.

The Online only study plan
works around your family and provides
you and your child's great convenience

Convenience is just a start

The Online only study plan works around your family and provides you and your children great convenience of planning your own study time. The flexibility of studying from the comfort of your own home also matches to the added benefit of tracking what your child is studying, knowing who the tutors are and participating in the success of your child.

Not all desires have to pinch your pocket

Tutorem packages are designed to be affordable. The online only session costs a fraction of conventional group study coaching institutes charge. And Tutorem's commitment is to never dilute your children time with others. Tutorem firmly believes that every child deserves to succeed, and money should not hold back your desire to see your child excel.

Every child is special !!!

The only "One on One"online study plan curated specifically for your child gives them the unequivocal advantage in competitive academic life. Tutorem tutors work with your child to go beyond the ritual of studying and help them visualise the real joy of learning.

Award Winning Learning Platform With Tutorem

Tutorem provides award winning learning platform which does not need any special software or downloads. Your computer (laptop or desktop or tablet) needs to have internet connection and a web browser like chrome etc. for the tutoring sessions. The interactive whiteboard works even if you do not have a webcam enabled. Which means that the sessions are always live, in real time and interactive.

See how it works

Top Tutors

We personally interview every Tutor after they go through stringent selection procedure to maintain the standard of Tutorem.


Private & Secure

All Communication between tutors and children over our award-winning platform are monitored and recorded for quality and auditing purpose. Contact details are never shared.

Free Study Notes

Thousands of students across the globe use our quality study notes and reference material to move ahead of the curve.